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Theatre Professionals Refuse to Perform in Ariel

Following the news that the Israeli theaters Habima and Kameri intend to stage plays in the settlement of Ariel, Courage to Refuse called theater professionals to refuse to work in the occupied territories. The letter sent from Courage to Refuse to theater managers and to the theater workers union reads:

Courage to Refuse calls theater professionals not to perform in Ariel or any other settlement. Performing at a place where millions are deprived of the most basic human rights can hardly be considered cultural or even civilized.

Theater is more than just entertainment; this art carries great social and moral value. Performing plays by Brecht and Stoppard at a theater hall in the west bank settlement of Ariel is infamous and degrading. We call all theater professionals: Directors, Actors and Production Staff to refuse in the name of democracy to perform on this stage.

The letter had a huge impact on the cultural scene in Israel. Soon a petition of theater professionals was published, in which leading figures of the Israeli theater declared that they will not perform in Ariel. The story hit the headlines and was covered in Israels leading papers as well as the leading TV news editions.

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