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We've come a long way...
Since January 2002, when the Combatant's Letter was first published, hundreds have joined us. Courage to Refuse has become a prominent public movement, and continues to grow in number and expand its activities.

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# Name Rank Unit Article Combat Card
1 David Zonshein Captain Paratroopers  
2 Yaniv Itzkovitz Lieutenant Paratroopers      
3 Avner Inbar Staff Sergeant Engineering      
4 Ofir Cohen Staff Sergeant Infantry      
5 Itzik Hulday Staff Sergeant Engineering      
6 Itai Swirski Lieutenant Paratroopers  
7 Amir Engel Staff Sergeant Artillery      
8 Amir Samuel Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
9 Amnon Kafri Sergeant First Class Artillery      
10 Ariel Shatil Sergeant First Class Artillery  
11 Arik Diamant Staff Sergeant Paratroopers    
12 Gil Alexandrovitz Staff Sergeant Artillery      
13 Guy Grosman Lieutenant Paratroopers    
14 Giora Alexandron Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
15 Gil Nemesh Staff Sergeant Engineering    
16 Dan Tamir Captain Paratroopers    
17 Danny Vos Sergeant First Class Navy      
18 Danny Mamlok Staff Sergeant Artillery      
19 Danny Markovitz Staff Sergeant Engineering      
20 Haim Wies Captain Armored Corps    
21 Tal Ben-Amar Lieutenant Infantry      
22 Yair Bustan Lieutenant Navy      
23 Yigal Broner Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
24 Yehoda Shalem Staff Sergeant Infantry      
25 Yoav Katz First Sergeant Armored Corps      
26 Johnathan Katz Staff Sergeant Infantry      
27 Ishai Lerman Staff Sergeant Engineering      
28 Ishai Rozen-Tsvi Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
29 Ishai Sagi Lieutenant Artillery  
30 Naor Ben-Yehoyada Captain Navy      
31 Navot Morag Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
32 Noam Livne Lieutenant Engineering  
33 Nir Evron Lieutenant Paratroopers      
34 Noam Wiener Lieutenant Other      
35 Nethanel Elzas Staff Sergeant Infantry      
36 Adi Martzuk Staff Sergeant Air Force AA      
37 Ofer Shor Captain Infantry      
38 Amit Bar-Tzedek Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
39 Amit Gal Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
40 Amit Mashiah Staff Sergeant Artillery      
41 Ram Alpya Staff Sergeant Infantry      
42 Rami Kaplan Major Armored Corps    
43 Shoki Shade Staff Sergeant Paratroopers    
44 Shahar Dolev Captain Air Force    
45 Shai Yakir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
46 Shay Tzoker Sergeant First Class Navy      
47 Shamai Leibovitz Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
48 Itai Haviv Captain Artillery    
49 Amir Efrat Lieutenant Air Force      
50 Jonathan Eshpar Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
51 Shahar Smooha Sergeant Armored Corps      
52 Uri Tal Staff Sergeant Infantry      
53 Nir Lahav Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
54 Udi Elifants Lieutenant Artillery      
55 Marcelo Svirsky Corporal Engineering      
56 Tal Avgar Staff Sergeant Air Force AA      
57 Ron Gerlitz Captain Navy    
58 Chen Alon Major Armored Corps    
59 Ori Rot-Levi Captain Navy    
60 Bar Hefstz Staff Sergeant Armored Corps  
61 Noam Ziv Major Paratroopers      
62 Nir Gov Warrant Officer Other      
63 Barak Adorian Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
64 Yossi Veissid Sergeant First Class Infantry      
65 Amir Shahal Captain Infantry    
66 dishon bilgory Staff Sergeant Navy      
67 Amir Ziv Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
68 Boaz Zussman Major Armored Corps      
69 Itai Eisinger Staff Sergeant Artillery      
70 Yuval Ron Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
71 Uzi Dror Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
72 Liron Prestelnik Captain Armored Corps      
73 Gilad Svirski Staff Sergeant Artillery      
74 Ori Finkelman Lieutenant Artillery      
75 Moshe Sivan Captain Armored Corps      
76 Barak Atzmon Staff Sergeant Artillery      
77 Akiva Leibowitz Captain Artillery      
78 Uri Dotan Staff Sergeant Infantry    
79 Dan Goldenblatt Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
80 Timor Israeli Lieutenant Armored Corps      
81 Amit Peer Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
82 Leor Kroch Staff Sergeant Infantry      
83 Hanoch Frankovits Lieutenant Armored Corps      
84 Hed Bar-Nissan Captain Paratroopers      
85 Samuel Miller Staff Sergeant Other      
86 Trevor Galor Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
87 Avi Blum First Sergeant Paratroopers    
88 Omri Klainberger Staff Sergeant Artillery      
89 Amir Rosenfeld Captain Air Force AA      
90 Shay Peled Sergeant Air Force AA      
91 Gabi Bokvza Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
92 Roey Vollman Lieutenant Artillery      
93 Ram Efrat Staff Sergeant Infantry      
94 Clark Hoover Corporal Armored Corps    
95 Gilad Elazar Sergeant First Class Infantry      
96 Guy Keshet Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
97 Yotam Cohen Sergeant Infantry      
98 Ofer Teler Sergeant Other      
99 Ronen Edelman Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
100 Yoram Talmon Captain Medicine Corps      
101 Tal Shamir Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
102 Doron Tzabari Lieutenant Medicine Corps    
103 Aviad Roitgrund Staff Sergeant Engineering      
104 Oded chakim Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
105 Youval Tamari Captain Air Force      
106 Shuli Weis Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
107 Itai Berger Major Armored Corps      
108 Zohar Mor Lieutenant Navy      
109 Michael Weksler Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
110 Shahar Tzur Captain Navy      
111 Eliav Saharovitch Staff Sergeant Infantry      
112 Liron Eliasov Captain Army Intelligence      
113 Yaniv Reingwertz Staff Sergeant Engineering      
114 Shahar Almagor Captain Navy      
115 Alon Barnea Staff Sergeant Engineering      
116 Harel Arzi Lieutenant Medicine Corps      
117 Omer Simha Staff Sergeant Infantry      
118 Dadi Lavie Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
119 Asaf Levnon Lieutenant Armored Corps      
120 Asaf Guy Staff Sergeant Navy      
121 Yaron Hoffman Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
122 Maor Parsai Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
123 Jeremy Swimer Private first class Air Force      
124 Yair Morag Staff Sergeant Infantry      
125 Gary Sussman Sergeant Infantry      
126 Isio Rosental Private Air Force      
127 Dani Filc Captain Armored Corps      
128 Omry Yeshurun Lieutenant Armored Corps      
129 Yigal Onik Sergeant First Class Engineering      
130 Ronen Katz Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
131 Doron Mutai Lieutenant Engineering      
132 Tal Belo Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
133 yossi revivo Staff Sergeant Infantry      
134 Lior Kay Corporal Other      
135 gadi doron Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
136 nadav shlomot Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
137 yuval agassi Lieutenant Paratroopers      
138 yuval netzer Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
139 Omri Friedman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
140 Dror Lutzati Sergeant First Class Engineering      
141 Amichai Katz Staff Sergeant Infantry      
142 Eilon Oron Sergeant First Class Engineering      
143 Dani Broitman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
144 Yossi Schellas Lieutenant Armored Corps      
145 Yariv Mizrahi Captain Armored Corps      
146 Assaf Bervald Staff Sergeant Infantry      
147 Daniel Lewenhoff Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
148 Avi Shnior Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
149 Amir Shlomian Sergeant Medicine Corps      
150 Yariv Shavit Sergeant Armored Corps      
151 Alon Arbel Lieutenant Infantry      
152 Amit Grossman Staff Sergeant Air Force      
153 Omer Karp Major Armored Corps      
154 Nir Rosen Staff Sergeant Other      
155 Shlomi Segal Staff Sergeant Infantry      
156 Asaf Barashi Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
157 Gil Shalit Sergeant Paratroopers      
158 Uri Eshhar Lieutenant Armored Corps      
159 Asaf Shilo Lieutenant Engineering      
160 Yuval Andorn Staff Sergeant Artillery    
161 Ronnen Ben-Arie Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
162 Adi Naar Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
163 Nir Rehav Staff Sergeant Artillery      
164 Roi Barak Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
165 Uri Fine Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
166 Ohad Matalon Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
167 Doron Segev Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
168 Yakov Gabay Staff Sergeant Engineering      
169 Michael Sfard Sergeant Medicine Corps      
170 Ori Choshen Captain Air Force      
171 Arik Peretz Staff Sergeant Infantry      
172 Amnon Vidan Major Navy      
173 Aner Sella Staff Sergeant Artillery      
174 Rahav Magen Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
175 Itamar Schweika Captain Army Intelligence      
176 Noam Leshem Staff Sergeant Navy      
177 Dani Kish Lieutenant Armored Corps      
178 Avner Kohavi First Sergeant Infantry  
179 Asaf Chemets Lieutenant Paratroopers      
180 Kim Yuval Staff Sergeant Artillery    
181 Eran Laish Staff Sergeant Engineering      
182 Udi Sommer Staff Sergeant Air Force      
183 Eyal Wurgaft Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
184 Ori Saley Lieutenant Armored Corps      
185 Asa Meron Staff Sergeant Artillery      
186 Asaf Openheimer Staff Sergeant Engineering      
187 Eyal Ben-Basat Staff Sergeant Engineering      
188 Amiram Raber Captain Armored Corps      
189 Ofer Braver Lieutenant Infantry      
190 Ori Lev Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
191 Guy Geltner Staff Sergeant Artillery      
192 Ittai Weinryb Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
193 Ariel Tartakovsky Staff Sergeant Artillery      
194 Yossi Landesman Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
195 Yaniv Dolev Sergeant Infantry      
196 Idan Caspari Sergeant First Class Infantry      
197 Itay Rotem Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
198 Aharon Shem-Tov Staff Sergeant Other      
199 Oren Entin Corporal Infantry      
200 Adi Raveh Staff Sergeant Other      
201 Yoav Ben-Yaakov Lieutenant Infantry      
202 Nir Siani Staff Sergeant Infantry      
203 Noam Sheizaf Lieutenant Infantry      
204 Shahak Yariv Lieutenant Medicine Corps      
205 Nimrod Shilo Staff Sergeant Artillery      
206 Noam Geffen Sergeant First Class Artillery    
207 Naor Urian Lieutenant Paratroopers      
208 Yiftah Ron Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
209 Asher Albo Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
210 dudu rotman Lieutenant Other      
211 Mike Raphaeli Sergeant Artillery      
212 Aviv Gleichman Staff Sergeant Air Force      
213 Itamar Haber Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
214 Oren Levi Sergeant Medicine Corps      
215 Amit Brock Staff Sergeant Infantry      
216 Amit Kaufman Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
217 Nitzan Shany Lieutenant Armored Corps      
218 Izik Gargir Lieutenant Other      
219 Amir Kedan Staff Sergeant Artillery      
220 Avi Mayorek Lieutenant Artillery    
221 Liraz Rimon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
222 Boaz Tubul Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
223 Amir Locker-Biletzki Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
224 Omer Cohen Lieutenant Artillery      
225 Yaniv Tal Lieutenant Air Force AA      
226 Dudy Tzfati Staff Sergeant Navy      
227 Noam Frankfurter Staff Sergeant Artillery      
228 Yashiv Cohen Sergeant Armored Corps      
229 Daniel Yaakobovitch Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
230 Ofer Shafrir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
231 Yotam Tzafrir Major Infantry      
232 Liron Pinchover Staff Sergeant Infantry      
233 Dan Shahaf Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
234 Gideon Davidson Staff Sergeant Engineering      
235 Nimrod Baharav Captain Armored Corps      
236 Amir Polack Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
237 Rani Einav Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
238 Gilad Heiman Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
239 Amit Ben-Natan Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
240 Sagi Bakshi Lieutenant Artillery      
241 Avner Shiftan Major Medicine Corps      
242 Uri Niv Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
243 Ami Kotler Sergeant First Class Infantry      
244 David Beeri Staff Sergeant Other      
245 Yoav Lahan Staff Sergeant Infantry      
246 Ezra Peres Staff Sergeant Infantry      
247 Gomeh Shabtai Staff Sergeant Artillery      
248 Amir Segal Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
249 Netanel Yefet Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
250 Assaf Ben-David Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
251 Yaron Beeri Staff Sergeant Infantry      
252 Gilad Kfir-Yron Captain Air Force      
253 Idan Eisner Staff Sergeant Engineering      
254 Itai Horowitz Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
255 Sharon Shmila Lieutenant Infantry      
256 Ofer Beit-Halachmi Major Medicine Corps      
257 Israel (Isri) Halperin Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
258 Avi Bigelman Lieutenant Medicine Corps      
259 Oded Bin-Nun Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
260 Alon Mordechovitch Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
261 Oren Harman Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
262 Yuval Gat Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
263 Jay Rosenberg Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
264 Shay Misch Lieutenant Artillery      
265 Ohad Nachtomy Staff Sergeant Infantry      
266 Avriel Bar-Levav Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
267 Sela Ofer Sergeant First Class Infantry      
268 Yariv Mohar Staff Sergeant Engineering      
269 Roy Sabat Sergeant First Class Artillery      
270 Nimrod Hefetz Major Other  
271 Ofer Nur Staff Sergeant Other      
272 Gil Bronstein Staff Sergeant Infantry      
273 Yoav Arzi Staff Sergeant Air Force      
274 Guy Shalev Staff Sergeant Air Force      
275 Ronen Cohen Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
276 Yuval Lotem Lieutenant Infantry      
277 Dror Moran Sergeant Other      
278 Erez Tzfadia Staff Sergeant Infantry      
279 Yair Shiloah Staff Sergeant Infantry      
280 Yonatan Ariel Staff Sergeant Infantry      
281 Oren Melamed Staff Sergeant Artillery      
282 Ehud Shem-Tov Sergeant First Class Armored Corps    
283 Avner Efendowicz Captain Armored Corps    
284 Ran Ron Sergeant First Class Artillery    
285 Gil Krivitzki Staff Sergeant Other      
286 Nir Dash Lieutenant Air Force      
287 Yair Yephet Sergeant Other      
288 Jonathan Levi Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
289 David Perlman Corporal Other      
290 Ohad Yogev Lieutenant Infantry      
291 Yoval Yavne Staff Sergeant Infantry      
292 Gilad Reshef Staff Sergeant Infantry      
293 Michael Azulai Staff Sergeant Border Police      
294 Noam Nadir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
295 Yoni Kozlovski Staff Sergeant Infantry      
296 Shachar Levy Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
297 Itai Kahn Lieutenant Armored Corps      
298 Eran Torbiner Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
299 Tal Ben-David Staff Sergeant Engineering      
300 Tal Feldman Staff Sergeant Engineering      
301 Navot Galpaz Staff Sergeant Infantry      
302 Pawel Mariasin Private Other      
303 Yair Neve-Oz Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
304 Ishay Hinkis Staff Sergeant Air Force      
305 Dan Hobel Corporal Other      
306 Ido Bruno Staff Sergeant Infantry      
307 Beni Issembert Corporal Armored Corps      
308 Elon Portugaly Staff Sergeant Infantry      
309 Matan Cohen Sergeant First Class Paratroopers  
310 Stav Adivi Major Other      
311 Tal Keler Sergeant Other      
312 Roni Jortner Captain Other      
313 Adi Eilat Captain Armored Corps      
314 Meir Shamay Staff Sergeant Artillery      
315 Shaun Lacob Sergeant Infantry      
316 Rotem Max Sergeant Infantry      
317 Uri Hirshfeld Captain Artillery      
318 Niv Keidar Staff Sergeant Infantry      
319 Moshe Ingel Sergeant First Class Infantry      
320 Daniel Reisel Sergeant Infantry      
321 Shmulik Lederman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
322 Eitan Lieberman Corporal Other      
323 Piki Ish-Shalom Major Navy      
324 Yiftach shiloni Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
325 Elad Lahav Staff Sergeant Infantry      
326 Alon Meir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
327 Ofir Bedossa Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
328 Asi Grinshtein Staff Sergeant Infantry      
329 Yishai Mor Staff Sergeant Infantry    
330 Amir Benbaji Staff Sergeant Other      
331 Ofer Gal Lieutenant Other      
332 Or Gerlitz Staff Sergeant Other      
333 Daniel Nitzan Sergeant First Class Medicine Corps      
334 Michael Alexander Sergeant Other      
335 Amiyaal Ilany Lieutenant Paratroopers      
336 Eytan Katsav Staff Sergeant Other      
337 Yoav Caspi Lieutenant Armored Corps      
338 Jonathan Ganzi Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
339 Eyal Nir Lieutenant Other      
340 Shani Kaminer Lieutenant Infantry      
341 Avshalom Raviv Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
342 Nadav Lapid Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
343 Shahar Larry Lieutenant Air Force    
344 Roni Reingold Captain Other      
345 Eyal Zaid Sergeant First Class Other      
346 Alexander bogomolny Corporal Other      
347 Eytan Biderman Captain Other      
348 Ran Bracha Captain Infantry      
349 Nir Bracha Staff Sergeant Artillery      
350 Danny Yavorski Staff Sergeant Infantry      
351 Mordechai Lidar Staff Sergeant Navy      
352 Avner Goldhagen Captain Air Force      
353 Avishai Mor Staff Sergeant Other      
354 Daniel Goldstein Staff Sergeant Infantry      
355 Raanan Choresh Sergeant First Class Infantry      
356 Ofri Ilany Staff Sergeant Air Force AA      
357 Ari Boneh Staff Sergeant Infantry      
358 Oded Tsipori Sergeant Medicine Corps      
359 Avner Niv Sergeant First Class Other      
360 Oded Korati Staff Sergeant Other      
361 Ran Carmeli Staff Sergeant Other      
362 Uri Livneh Staff Sergeant Artillery      
363 Eldad Shem-Tov Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
364 Moshe Arenstein Captain Army Intelligence      
365 Nahum Goldberg Sergeant Engineering      
366 Omer Peled Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
367 Yotam Bezalel Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
368 Lior Kravitz Captain Army Intelligence      
369 Daniel Kaftori Major Other      
370 Ori Tokker-Mimon Lieutenant Medicine Corps      
371 Hagai Nakhtomi Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
372 Ofer Rog Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
373 Jonatan Karni Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
374 Aviel Luz Staff Sergeant Other      
375 Omry Zalmona Staff Sergeant Engineering      
376 Yossi Davidovtch Staff Sergeant Infantry      
377 Chen Zeira Staff Sergeant Infantry      
378 Gabriel Ben-Ami Major Other      
379 Tomer Yaffe Sergeant Medicine Corps      
380 Oded Soffair Staff Sergeant Air Force AA      
381 Yuval Otzar Sergeant Paratroopers      
382 Moshik Tamkin Sergeant Other      
383 Amir Terkel Staff Sergeant Other      
384 Gabriel Salgado Staff Sergeant Infantry      
385 Scott Uri Private first class Infantry      
386 Yoav Cohen Corporal Other      
387 Amos Shazar Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
388 Avner Barkay Sergeant Infantry      
389 Dan Yakir Staff Sergeant Other      
390 Doron Sheinman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
391 Idan Ashur Sergeant First Class Engineering      
392 Uri Dagan Staff Sergeant Artillery    
393 Dani Schrire Lieutenant Air Force AA      
394 Dan Bedescu Staff Sergeant Infantry      
395 Elad Zeev Staff Sergeant Artillery      
396 Adam Gaynor Corporal Infantry      
397 Moran Koren Staff Sergeant Other      
398 Oren Levy Sergeant Armored Corps      
399 Gil Valabrega Staff Sergeant Infantry      
400 Yair Goldfarb Lieutenant Air Force      
401 Ran Tene Staff Sergeant Other      
402 Amnon Sagiv Captain Army Intelligence      
403 Daniel Lantsberg Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
404 Eldad Porat Captain Armored Corps      
405 Omer Shatz Staff Sergeant Air Force      
406 Oren Hershko Sergeant First Class Engineering      
407 Ron Fogel Lieutenant Infantry      
408 Yair Kafri Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
409 Oren Yakobovich Lieutenant Other      
410 Miki Grinfeld Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
411 Ilya Shifrin Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
412 Guy Elchanan Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
413 Noam Geva Sergeant Infantry      
414 Avi Hengel Lieutenant Other      
415 Eyal Fisher Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
416 Kuti Rot Staff Sergeant Infantry      
417 Yair Matiash Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
418 Haim Yulzari Staff Sergeant Air Force AA      
419 Micha Peri Staff Sergeant Infantry      
420 Yuval Ben-Ari Sergeant First Class Air Force      
421 Elad Orian Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
422 Asaf Barness Staff Sergeant Other      
423 Michael Gedalyovich Captain Army Intelligence      
424 Boaz Helfman Captain Infantry      
425 Claudio Silberman Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
426 Ido Blum Lieutenant Other      
427 Gilad Silberberg Major Navy      
428 Erad Omer Lieutenant Air Force AA      
429 Yochai Shoshani Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
430 Shai Meiri Sergeant First Class Navy      
431 Guy Gavron Lieutenant Other    
432 Eli Mor-Yosef Lieutenant Other      
433 Adi Sayag Staff Sergeant Artillery      
434 Boaz Katz Corporal Other      
435 Assaf Alberstain Lieutenant Infantry      
436 Elad Yaari Sergeant First Class Air Force      
437 Gadi Sprukt Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
438 Udi Or Lieutenant Infantry      
439 Arnon Kehat Sergeant Medicine Corps      
440 Ofer Amsalem Staff Sergeant Artillery      
441 Rami Grinberg Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
442 Tomer Russo Staff Sergeant Other      
443 Yair Avigdor Major Artillery      
444 Or Shlomi Private first class Artillery      
445 Oren Yad-Shalom Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
446 Oded Orr Sergeant First Class Navy      
447 Yitzhak Hen Captain Paratroopers      
448 Itai Renan Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
449 Yonatan Dominitz First Sergeant Paratroopers      
450 Elik Elhanan Staff Sergeant Paratroopers    
451 Erez Galil Staff Sergeant Navy      
452 Gilad Cohen Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
453 Dan Zeltzer Lieutenant Air Force AA      
454 Eitan Meiri Major Other      
455 Ami Rayne Lieutenant Air Force      
456 Rotem Erez Sergeant First Class Navy      
457 Dan Levinsohn Captain Other      
458 Shaham Keneth Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
459 Imri Matalon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
460 Eran Amodai Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
461 Ronen Shnayderman Staff Sergeant Artillery      
462 Tzahi Slonim Lieutenant Infantry      
463 Yuval Dafni Staff Sergeant Engineering    
464 Shacham Ramach Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
465 Michael Yoel Staff Sergeant Infantry      
466 Zohar Shapira Staff Sergeant Infantry      
467 Elad Tishler Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
468 Eyal Golan Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
469 Matan Zisling Sergeant Other      
470 Yonatan Fuher Sergeant Other      
471 Illai Zeevi Staff Sergeant Infantry      
472 Yoav Lewy Staff Sergeant Artillery    
473 Ronny Golan Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
474 Jacob Shem-Tov Staff Sergeant Other      
475 Noam Hofsstater Captain Air Force AA      
476 Amir Gotlib Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
477 Noam Hupert Sergeant Infantry      
478 David Carmel Sergeant Air Force      
479 Nickolay Sosenko Staff Sergeant Other      
480 Eshel Herzog Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
481 Ofer Kalisky Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
482 Yoav Guez Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
483 David Rosenberg Sergeant Medicine Corps      
484 Meir Ganon Sergeant First Class Infantry      
485 Roi Amaler Staff Sergeant Air Force      
486 Asaf Wexler Lieutenant Army Intelligence      
487 Eyal Weizman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
488 Uzi Rubinstein Sergeant Engineering      
489 Tomer Greener Sergeant Medicine Corps      
490 Nadav Har Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
491 Danny Ayzer Staff Sergeant Other      
492 Gal Kali Sergeant First Class Paratroopers    
493 Chaim Feldman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
494 Yariv Salit Staff Sergeant Medicine Corps      
495 Ido Tennenbaum Staff Sergeant Other      
496 Itzik Shabat Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
497 Arik Gutler-Ofir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
498 Amikam Beluko Lieutenant Other      
499 Dan Tsahor Staff Sergeant Infantry      
500 Zohar Milchgrub Staff Sergeant Infantry      
501 Ilai Goshen Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
502 Oren Geva Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
503 Eli Alon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
504 Shahar Halinovsky Staff Sergeant Other    
505 Lior Yavne Staff Sergeant Other      
506 Ilan Feldman Sergeant First Class Infantry      
507 Ahikam Dor Staff Sergeant Infantry      
508 Ory Yassur Captain Air Force AA      
509 Asi Sorek Lieutenant Paratroopers      
510 Omer Cohen Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
511 Ido Porat Staff Sergeant Engineering      
512 Ronen Berlovich Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
513 Eyal Raz Sergeant Paratroopers      
514 Dror Etzion Lieutenant Army Intelligence  
515 Hadar Tirosh Staff Sergeant Infantry      
516 Lior Gur Staff Sergeant Infantry      
517 Ronen Tzur Staff Sergeant Air Force      
518 Gil Yasur Sergeant First Class Infantry    
519 Alon Andorn Lieutenant Artillery      
520 Eitan Diamond Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
521 Ami Livne Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
522 Hagai Guterman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
523 Yuval Ben-Ozer Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
524 Ido Roll Captain Air Force      
525 Gilad Goldfarb Lieutenant Artillery      
526 doron nachum Sergeant Other      
527 udi nir Lieutenant Engineering      
528 Shai Efrati Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
529 Yosi Gilad Sergeant Infantry      
530 Roy Talmon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
531 Shai Feniger Staff Sergeant Infantry    
532 Yuval Rafid Lieutenant Artillery      
533 Adi Efrat Sergeant Other      
534 Eyal Golan Staff Sergeant Infantry      
535 Michael Mendelevi Staff Sergeant Infantry      
536 Dan Buso Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
537 Max Osifob Corporal Other      
538 Yuval Klein Staff Sergeant Artillery      
539 Itai Hen Sergeant First Class Paratroopers    
540 Nadav Shaltiel Staff Sergeant Air Force      
541 Noam Sharon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
542 Ido Gilat Staff Sergeant Other      
543 Tom Mehager Staff Sergeant Artillery    
544 eran levin Captain Air Force    
545 roly zilbershtein Corporal Other      
546 michal gross Captain Medicine Corps      
547 sharon karmi Staff Sergeant Infantry      
548 ido kallir Staff Sergeant Infantry      
549 Tzachi Lavi Staff Sergeant Infantry      
550 ido shahar Staff Sergeant Other      
551 tsur mishal Staff Sergeant Engineering      
552 ofer shapira Corporal Armored Corps      
553 avi kaplan Captain Artillery      
554 Ariel Handel Staff Sergeant Infantry      
555 idan greenberg Staff Sergeant Navy      
556 matan barel Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
557 Amir Eshchar Lieutenant Armored Corps      
558 shai lissai Corporal Other      
559 yoav ayali Sergeant First Class Armored Corps      
560 dan segal Captain Other      
561 alon karkovsky Staff Sergeant Infantry      
562 daniel solomon Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
563 itay ben tal Staff Sergeant Infantry      
564 yhonatan dayan Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence      
565 rom brustin Staff Sergeant Artillery      
566 assaf sharon Sergeant Infantry      
567 Amir Ben Tov Staff Sergeant Infantry      
568 Amon Yariv Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
569 elazar pinkovitz Staff Sergeant Navy    
570 Ameed Zaher Staff Sergeant Engineering      
571 zach dery Lieutenant Paratroopers    
572 Yuval Geffen Staff Sergeant Engineering      
573 Omri Hadar Corporal Other    
574 Yaniv Ben Ami Staff Sergeant Artillery    
575 Nadav Sharon Staff Sergeant Infantry      
576 Noam Atzmon Lieutenant Armored Corps    
577 Eyal Moshkovitz Staff Sergeant Artillery    
578 Amos Goldberg Staff Sergeant Infantry      
579 Shmulik Hof Lieutenant Paratroopers    
580 Tzvi Eizenberg Staff Sergeant Infantry    
581 Salam Amar Lieutenant Infantry      
582 Meiron Egger Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
583 Asaf Bartov Sergeant Other    
584 Avner Wishnitzer Sergeant First Class Paratroopers    
585 Yair Meyuhas Sergeant First Class Paratroopers      
586 Yaniv Klener Staff Sergeant Air Force      
587 Eldar Kirsh Staff Sergeant Paratroopers    
588 Nadav Frankovitz Sergeant First Class Armored Corps    
589 Roee Lifshitz Lieutenant Infantry    
590 Oded Danon Staff Sergeant Paratroopers    
591 Shai Agmon Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
592 Michael Reggev Captain Air Force    
593 Matan Koren Staff Sergeant Artillery      
594 Matti Yadin Staff Sergeant Artillery      
595 Guy Chen Staff Sergeant Paratroopers      
596 Tsahi Halfi Staff Sergeant Other      
597 Yair Drori Staff Sergeant Infantry    
598 Boaz Yaniv Staff Sergeant Infantry    
599 Yinon Kamon Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
600 Yaakov Menachem Staff Sergeant Infantry    
601 Itamar Shapira Staff Sergeant Infantry      
602 Yanay Hakim Staff Sergeant Infantry    
603 Ilan Lonai Staff Sergeant Navy      
604 Hagay Mayorek Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
605 Ido Gideon Lieutenant Armored Corps    
606 Yoav Sheffer Staff Sergeant Army Intelligence    
607 Mickey Palmon Staff Sergeant Armored Corps    
608 Carmel Sivan Staff Sergeant Infantry    
609 Doron Sagie Staff Sergeant Other    
610 Yanay Israeli Lieutenant Artillery    
611 Gal Shalita Captain Air Force      
612 Erez Algazi Staff Sergeant Artillery      
613 Ido Dror Staff Sergeant Artillery    
614 Nir Igra Giron Corporal Engineering    
615 Shai Kaufman Sergeant Infantry      
616 Roi Livne Staff Sergeant Infantry      
617 Gal Oron Captain Navy      
618 Marius Aba Staff Sergeant Air Force      
619 Tamir Erez Staff Sergeant Navy      
620 Eitan Dotan Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
621 Elad Friedman Staff Sergeant Infantry      
622 Tamir Shragai Staff Sergeant Armored Corps      
623 Yuval Paz First Sergeant Air Force AA    

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